Case Management Referral

Relevant Legislation: The Discrimination (Jersey) Law 2013, Discrimination (Disability) (Jersey) Regulations 2018, Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law 1989

Sickness absence is costly for your business.  States of Jersey sickness data reveal that in 2012 there were 54,000 sickness days taken, with an estimated cost of £7.5 million (1).  Attendance management is key in minimising these costs.  Island Occupational Health partnerships with you to assist in early rehabilitation of employees and can help in developing effective absenteeism policy.

We provide a Doctor-led referral service conducting independent medical assessments for employers requiring specialist occupational health advice.  This advice will support the manager when addressing an employee’s health issue at work.  Assessments can be undertaken on an ad-hoc or on a contractual basis.  These are usually conducted in our surgery, but can be undertaken at the place of work or at an employee’s home upon request.

As a client, you will have access to our electronic client user portal giving you the option to make secure paperless referrals, with the benefit of real-time communication on the progress of your employee through the process.   Our team will manage and confirm all employee appointments.

We understand the need for high-quality, concise and clear advice that will assist management in making informed decisions.  Reports are provided to both employees and employers in a timely manner, fully compliant with data protection statute.

Common reasons for why management instigates a Case Management Referral to Occupational Health includes the following scenarios:

  • Long-term sickness absence
  • Recurring short term absences
  • Return to work following long-term illness or injury
  • Work performance concerns where there may be an underlying health problem
  • An employee has declared they have a medical problem and advice is required on the effect of this on their ability to carry out their role
  • An employee has developed or declared that they have a disability and advice is required about the effects of the disability, application of the Discrimination (Jersey) Law 2013 and Discrimination (Disability) (Jersey) Regulations 2018, and recommended reasonable adjustments
  • Management advice is needed on how to interpret information given on a medical certificate
  • Assessment of whether a health problem is likely to be work-related or not
  • Concern about substance abuse (suspected or declared) that may affect work
  • Following an accident at work that has caused, or is likely to cause, a significant absence
  • Fitness to attend a disciplinary meeting or other formal meeting

(1) Sickness absence in the States of Jersey.  Produced by the Freedom of Information, Authored by States of Jersey and published on 30 Jan 2015.