DSE and Workstation Assessments

Relevant Legislation: Display Screen Equipment at Work (Jersey) Approved Code of Practice 1999

Suboptimal workstation setup/use is a common cause of sickness absence due to musculoskeletal disorders of the neck, back and upper limbs, in addition to inducing stress, fatigue, eyesight problems and headaches.  Under the above legislation, employers in Jersey are required to undertake a suitable and sufficient assessment of employee’s workstations and reduce risks to the lowest extent reasonably practicable. The assessment should be appropriate to the nature and complexity of tasks undertaken and include employees required to regularly work on DSE at home.

Best practice is for assessments to be undertaken by a competent practitioner with suitable expertise and documented appropriately. In addition, employers have duties to provide adequate instruction, information and training on health and safety aspects of using workstations and to provide equipment meeting minimum requirements.

We provide DSE and workstation assessments to minimize risks of injury and optimize employee comfort and productivity. Our assessments include:

  • Relevant medical history
  • Assessment of role main activities and postures
  • Work hours and locations
  • Assessment of workstation environment including lighting, temperature, humidity, noise, space, access and egress
  • Assessment of workstation equipment
  • Assessment of workstation setup including DSE

A report is provided to management and includes problems identified and recommendations.