Pre-Placement Health Assessments

Relevant Legislation: The Discrimination (Jersey) Law 2013, Discrimination (Disability) (Jersey) Regulations 2018, Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law 1989

Certain job applicants will have medical problems and live with a disability. Pre-placement health assessments form a valuable part of the recruitment process for Management, but should only be undertaken once an offer of employment has been made.

For employers, benefits of pre-placement health screening are:

  • To ensure new employees are medically fit to fulfill the duties of the post and will not constitute a health hazard to themselves or other workers
  • To consider reasonable adjustments that could be made to assist the employee in the new post, including identification of those in need of protection IAW the Discrimination (Disability) (Jersey) Regulations 2018.
  • To assess whether the job will adversely affect the new employee’s health and make recommendations to reduce risk if necessary.
  • To establish fitness of an existing employee prior to a transfer of post where there are specific fitness criteria
  • Provide a record of baseline health surveillance for monitoring exposure to health hazards.

Our pre-placement assessments take the form of a focused health questionnaire relevant to the post (completed by the applicant and processed only by our occupational health physician). If required, this can be followed by a detailed consultation with our Doctor.

Using our dedicated client user portal, HR Managers can submit and track pre-placement referrals and instantly access assessment results at a click of a button. A certificate of medical fitness is issued as follows: fit for post, fit for post subject to adjustments to the work/work environment, or unfit for post.  With applicant consent, recommendations on required adjustments and limitations can be communicated to Management.