Child Immunisation

In Jersey we follow the UK childhood immunisation schedule, the aim of this is to provide early protection against vaccine-preventable infections that are most dangerous in the very young.

The vaccine programme begins when baby is 8 weeks old, this is the time when the antibodies baby has received from mum have stopped working. Vaccines given before 8 weeks are less effective.  Only in rare circumstances would a vaccine be given before 8 weeks, such as if baby was travelling to out the country, please check with your Doctor or practice nurse.

It is important to keep to the immunisation schedule as delays between the vaccines can leave baby unprotected.

The Child Health Department will write to you before each immunisation is due, at this point please ring our secretary team to make an appointment. Please inform of us of any change in address so we can update our records and the Child Health Department.

The Island Medical Centre offers 2 child immunisation clinics a week, these are free of charge.

All the Immunisations require your consent. Should a grandparent or nanny bring your child for immunisations then we ask you provide a brief letter of consent or a telephone number on which we could contact you.

If you do not receive a reminder from the child health department before the next immunisations, please ring our secretary team to make an appointment but there has to be a minimum of 4 weeks between each set of vaccines.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Health Care Practitioner if you have any questions about the vaccines.

For more information on childhood immunisations click here.

Clinic times

Wednesday 3pm - 5pm

Thursday 10.30am – 12.30pm

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