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Do you snore, stop breathing or choke/gasp during sleep? Do you feel tired, fatigued or sleepy during the day? Do you struggle to get off to sleep, wake through the night or too early in the morning? Do you have leg discomfort, abnormal movements or restlessness preventing sleep?

At Island Sleep Clinic we offer a comprehensive assessment of your sleep problem, further investigations when necessary and treatment recommendations. Prior to your appointment please try to complete and bring with you a 2 week sleep diary:

Sleep Diary Template

Island Sleep Clinic is led by Dr Rob Pierce, one of the GPs who has an interest in sleep medicine.

Sleep apnoea testing

Sleep apnoea is a common and underdiagnosed condition causing poor sleep quality, daytime sleepiness and a range of physical and mental health problems (see

You can determine your overall risk here:

We are now offering the new innovative AcuPebble diagnostic device for sleep apnoea ( It is easy and comfortable to use with a high level of accuracy.

You can be referred for this by your GP or dentist, or you can book
directly by contacting our admin team.

Cost is £95 for the initial study;

£65 for additional nights or a repeat study.

Note: All prices are subject to the patient holding a valid Jersey health card.


Assessment appointment £76.00

Follow-up appointments £51.00

Under 18s assessment appointment FREE

Under 18s follow-up appointment FREE

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